Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pasta alla Campidanese

Cecily was pulling off the outer leaves of baby artichokes and tossing them in the trash at her feet. She cut off the stalks of the artichokes, and then scooped out the chokes. When she was finished, she put the artichokes in a bowl of ice water. She was just starting to prepare the stuffing for the artichokes when Dominick came in the back door, allowing the door to slam behind him.

Cecily shook her head. “Will you ever learn to hold the damn door?” she said.

Dominick went to the fridge for a beer. “I made a big mistake,” he said as he popped the cap and sat at the table.

“Another mistake,” Cecily said, beating the eggs. “Where are the cutlets I made for dinner?”

Dominick took a long pull, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “I went to see Uncle Ted.”

Cecily stopped beating the eggs. Looked at Dominick. Waited.

Dominick wouldn’t meet Cecily’s eyes. “I was desperate.”

“Mother of God, Dominick. Uncle Ted?”

“I didn’t tell him the guy’s name.”

“What did you tell him?”

“Just that I saved the guy’s life and he was suing me.” Dominick said, looking up at Cecily, his eyes seeking approbation.

“Dominick,” Cecily said.


A homeless guy sneaks into Dominick's backyard and steals some sausages off the grill. Dominick spots him and gives chase. The homeless guy chokes. Dominick saves him with the Heimlich. No good deed goes unpunished. Read about it in the story, Pasta alla Campidanese. Buon appetito!

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