Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cherry Orchard

These trees, frantic with their fiery leaves
Were only a few months ago heavy with cherries
Bing, and Rainier, and Royal Ann
Hanging like holiday ornaments on their limbs

We filled our buckets with their treasure
Sampling as we went, juice running down our chin
Spitting the pits as far as we could

And made love there in the grass
Under a canopy of cherries
Your shirt was covered with burgundy spots
You said the stain would never come out

It never has
As many times as I’ve washed and worn it
As I wear it on this Fall day
Walking in the orchard

Their branches bend towards me
As I walk beneath them
These trees, frantic with their fiery leaves
I think they know me


Photo taken in Kennewick, WA, Oct 08

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