Friday, November 21, 2008

Marianina's Poem About Los Angeles

Marion Badalamente in front of 326 Alta St., Los Angeles, California, circa 1921

My grandmother, Marion was so taken with California that she wrote a poem about it and sent it to relatives in New York.

Wonders of California

When I have passed on to the celestial
If offered a chance to return to the Earth
I would refuse unless I could return to California

Do you wish to see beauty -- Paradise on Earth?
Then come to California
Come to Los Angeles
You will not be disillusioned

Here you will see wonderful flowers
Rich nature everywhere
It is like a dream for any visitor

A land with colorful flowers that even a painter cannot duplicate
And tall, green trees under which you can get a good rest
And a fresh breeze
Secluded beaches are easily reachable
Across hills and mountains lie the seas

You can always enjoy the sun shining in this beautiful, big California
Here the seasons are two: spring and autumn
You don't suffer from hot summer or cold winter

If your problem is money
You can work well here as anywhere else
Don't think that you gain less than in other places
Since here everything is affordable: house, food, and clothes

So, why should you suffer?
You only live once
Better to live in a good climate
Where you can get enjoyment and rest

By Mariannina Badalamente, to all family and friends of the East.

Click on the images for the original Italian.

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