Sunday, October 10, 2010

Swallowed by the Darkness

Clumps of grey cloud scudded across a metallic sky
In the west, ribbons of brilliant pink and orange slashed the sky like fire
I walked towards a faint light in the sky where the moon tried to escape
An encroaching embrace of dark clouds
Only to be finally swallowed by the darkness

My breath came in strangled gasps as I tried to increase my pace
But something -- weeds in the overgrown yard perhaps
Seemed to grab at my feet and ankles
Bare feet, cold in the grey mud
Leeches dropping from the chartreuse canopy to slither down my neck
And puncture my pulsating arteries

I paused at the steps, staring up at the grey shamble of a porch
The front screen door swung wildly in the wind
Banging and screeching like some trapped beast
On the Eastern Front, gigantic elk stood
Silhouetted against artillery flashes
I ran at them swinging my scythe at their obscene racks

Struggling up the steps
I reached out to stop the screen crashing
Ragged edges of screen tore the skin from my hand
And I watched as swollen blue veins on the top of my hand
Spurted fresh, red blood, along my forearm
So much blood
The steely smell of it
Its thick, gooey feel

My heart slammed against my chest
And great gouts of sweat burned my eyes
I knew I would go in there
And I did
And there I am
Swallowed by the darkness

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