Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lost at Sea

She couldn’t stop laughing as she ran

up the beach towards the blanket
I was coughing and spluttering
sea water running from my nose
and dribbling down my chin

Trying to do a handstand in the surf
had turned out to be a bad idea
I staggered along behind her
choking and laughing at the same time

She was toweling off as I reached the blanket
I came up behind her and grabbed her around the waist
lifting her off the sand and twirling her around
She screamed
The Swamp Thing!

We fell to the blanket and I buried my face
against her neck and blew raspberries
She said, pulling away
Then she took my face in her two hands and kissed me
It was a long, wet, salty kiss
a sea kiss and
I wanted to drown in it

She lay back on the blanket and I leaned over her
and brushed her wet hair from her forehead
I kissed her eye lids
I kissed her ear and nibbled her ear lobe
then kissed the nape of her neck
and moved my tongue down her neck toward her collarbone
licking salt and sunblock that hadn’t already come off in the water
She said Mmm
and put her hand behind my head
tunneling her fingers through my wet hair

I put my lips on the surgical scar she had on her neck
just under the chin and gently kissed it
I ran my hand down her thigh
She pushed my head back and sat up
Come on you vampire
We’re going up to the cottage

I come back every year at this time
to walk along the shore
and watch the sea change color
as twilight approaches
and the clouds take on a pink hue

I come upon a flock of Sandpipers
scampering back and forth at the shoreline
chasing the waves out
darting here and there
looking for sand fleas
When they spot the bubble of the sand flea’s digging
they drive their long beaks down
after the many-legged morsels

But of course the waves turn
and flow back towards shore
and these silly birds turn
and dash back
and follow the retreating waves back again
hoping to recapture what’s been lost

When I approach
they take flight
sweeping this way and that
in perfect formation
their bellies and backs
alternately flashing white and black
like sun streaming through the whirling blades of a fan

Walking along the beach
I think about those last days we had together
They were such a gift

The clouds are beginning to look bruised
their dark underbellies threatening rain
What was a gorgeous sunset is now
the dark foreboding of a storm
and wind whipped waves are crashing
all along the endless shore
I stand and look out across the roiling ocean

I want her back

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