Saturday, December 14, 2013

Lubię spotykać nowych ludzi

We have an opening for
An English teacher in Krakow
The opening is small
So teachers taller than 120 cm
Or wider than 60 cm
Need not apply

Although other openings exist for
Very big Polish people willing to learn
Hangul or Chonsongul
Candidates must be
Proficient in Haidong Gumdo
And be willing to travel

To say the least

Which isn't saying much


Pyongyang is a lovely city
Perched prettily on the Taedong River
And welcomes all peoples of the world
With open gulagi
A recent trade mission to Krakow
Came with nothing to trade

(they asked for a Moscow loan)

But small talk
And so left empty handed
Which in Poland is known as
Jumping over the
Moo Goo Gai Pan
With bare feet

In addition to Krakow and Pyongyang
Openings exist in the
Fabric of the Universe
Candidates must own at least
One cat or know
what box the cat is in

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