Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Kingsman Reaches New Depths

As much as he’d like us to believe that he’s channeling Quentin Tarantino in the “The Kingsman,” Matthew Vaughn, who wrote the screenplay with Jane Goldman, and directed this bloodbath of a movie, lacks everything Tarantino has except the blood. The plot of The Kingsman is ridiculous -- and that’s okay for a film based on the comics -- but it’s also offensive, off-putting, juvenile in the way that bathroom humor is juvenile, and exploitive.

Vaughn has been criticized for a particular scene near the end of the movie, which he has defended by saying, “It’s a celebration of women and the woman being empowered in a weird way in my mind...”

I won’t say more, because this film isn’t worth saying a lot about. If you’re determined to learn what was so offensive about this particular scene in a movie that was replete with things to be offended about, just Google Kingsman + Vaughn. But remember, I warned you.

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