Friday, May 9, 2008

The Book of the Dead

What goes through a child’s mind walkwobbling towards an entrancing new adventure? Out of sight for the blink of an eye. Lost forever.

Elizabeth’s husband thought that taking a vacation in an exotic place like Egypt would help her recover from the loss of their child. He knew she would never get over it. People don’t get over things like that. Elizabeth was grateful for Brian’s caring and glad for his strength. She hadn’t been able to deal with the loss of Molly. Brian had to do everything. He was a rock. Sometimes she hated him for it.

Elizabeth, frowning, looked from the texts to her guide, Ini-Herit. “The Book of the Dead?”

“Yes. It contained the funerary texts that were meant to help the deceased pass through the dangers of the Underworld and be reborn into a new life,” he said.


Read the story about Elizabeth coming to grips with the loss of her child in The Book of the Dead.