Monday, March 9, 2009

Peanut Butter

I shudder
at the thought of peanut butter
Brown, gooey, sticky stuff
that makes you choke and sputter
You can eat and eat, but never get enough

Spread it on some bread
or just eat it off the knife
Go on, go ahead
why not risk your life?

Oh, oh, shudder, shudder
All that lovely peanut butter

But have you read the news?
The stuff’s got salmonella
It’s given me the blues
That stuff could kill a fella!

But here I am still thinking
about a midnight snack
My willpower quickly sinking
I shudder on the rack

Shudder, shudder
Peanut butter
Mutter, mutter
Peanut butter

Yes, eating it could kill me
or make me very sick
but there is no guarantee
so spread it on real thick

Hmm, peanut butter
I cannot, will not give it up
Though it makes my heart valves flutter
I’ll eat it by the cup

I love it
love it
love it

Who would not die for love?

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