Monday, April 22, 2013

Looking for Words

They straggled in looking bored
Three girls and a boy
The boy carrying a skateboard
“Leave that outside, please”

The boy mumbles “Geez”
The girls disappear in the stacks
The only evidence of their presence
The sound of the gum they smack

There’s a stealthy feel
To their listless meandering
Are they here to steal
Or do they hope to find porn?

Haven’t they heard of the Internet?
Ignoring the card catalogue
The girl in grunge runs her fingers
Along a row of reference books

I leave the desk and ergonomic chair
My bunker in this small library
And walk to where they loiter
The boy turns to look at the air

"May I help you find something?"
I say, being helpful with grammar
The grunge girl looks at me boldly
“Where’s your thesaurus at,” she says

1 comment:

  1. Nice contrast of skateboard with ergonomic chair! I like the little surprise at the end--gotta love a poem with "thesaurus" in it. Now, what is the grunge girl going to write?


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