Saturday, December 8, 2012

Intelligent Life and Death -- A new story idea

Cases of flesh eating bacteria multiple.  Doctors puzzled as previous cases responded to treatment with antibiotics. Alarm grows as cases increase among unusual demographic -- medical professionals and scientists. Scientific team assembled at CDC / NIH. They discuss origins of bacteria -- we all carry them in a symbiotic relationship. Cyanobacteria probably responsible for beginnings of life on earth. Data reveals long-term trend of increasingly antibiotic resistant bugs. This has been known for some time, but the recent data seem to indicate targeted members of the population. How can that be? Do the bacteria exhibit a form of intelligence? Depends on how you define intelligence, doesn’t it? Consider the jellyfish. It has no brain, and yet it adapts, survives, thrives. Distributed intelligence? Is there a hive of bacteria directing attacks? Alarm grows when members of the team begin falling prey to previously treated bacterial infections. It seems that the bacteria are eliminating anyone with the knowledge to thwart the attack, while keeping enough humans around to act as “hosts.”

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