Friday, December 28, 2012

Writing & Reading: New Year's Resolutions

I will make more of an effort to write fully-formed fiction and non-fiction in 2013, rather than spending so much time on blog posts and Facebook posts. Among the things I plan to do:

  • Finish my story 2012: A Parable, about Karl Rove's efforts to swing the 2012 election towards Republican candidates, especially the Presidential Election.
  • Finish my story "Abducted," about a man who believes he was abducted by aliens and is now recruited by a shadowy government agency to develop a language for communicating with an alien captured after its spacecraft crashed in Roswell, NM near Area 51.
  • Write a short story or novella about an alien invasion of Earth that involves an alien presence totally unexpected.
  • Write an op-ed about the gun debate in America titled, "War of the Worlds," which explores the diametrically opposed world views of the Second Amendment fanatics and the vast majority of sane Americans.
  • Refocus my non-fiction blog on climate change
  • Write and study various forms of poetry.
  • Re-write and re-publish my collection of poetry, "All Hearts Break, All Dreams Die."
  • Publish my novel, "The Lion and the Sun," in hard copy (possibly using Createspace).

I plan to read these books, among others, in 2013. The list is in no particular order.

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