Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Picture of a Woman

Picasso, Woman with a Blue Hat

I think about her constantly
An exaggeration?
Then, I think about her
Every minute of every day

As I shave in the morning
Looking in my eyes
Reflected back at me
Asking questions
I will not answer

At breakfast
Wondering what she’s having
For her breakfast
A roll and coffee
Fruit and cheese?

Here at my computer writing
Or while I’m painting
Yes, I’ve taken up painting again
And I see her in my mind’s eye
And wish I could paint her

How I would treasure that painting
But I have no image of her to copy
And even if I did
I haven’t the talent
To reproduce her image on canvas

But if I had her photo
At least then I would have
Something to look at
And I would talk to her
Instead of mumbling to myself

In the mirror
While shaving
Send me the photo
You promised
Send it!

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